Fleurs de lys Contest

Contest open until November 27 11:59pm, 2021.

This is the graphic you must look for. It could be any colour, not just black. The one on this page does not count toward the total number on the website. Fleurs de lys in logos do not count either. 

Rules & Instructions:

  • If multiple people guess the number correctly a winner will be randomly chosen from that group. If no one guesses correctly, the closest guess will win.

  • Only one submission per person. Make sure you’ve been thorough before you submit your guess.

  • The contest submission form link is to the right.

  • The Fleurs de lys are in the same place in both the French and English version of the site, so search in the language you’re most comfortable with.

  • You must be on the desktop version of the site. The mobile version does not have the same formatting and will not show the correct number of Fleurs de lys.

Thank you for your submission!